Taking the old and discarded, transforming then in to statement pieces has been my mission… sharing these with the rest of the world has been my pleasure… inspiring others to see the potential in that which would ordinarily be destined for the rubbish heaps has been so very rewarding!

And it all started with a humble blanket hanging up in the corner of an op shop, with all it’s holes and ware marks, yet still oozing so much character, along with stories within that will remain untold… this blanket was just waiting for someone like me to recognise its potential, rescue it from it’s unfortunate fate and give it a new purpose with many new stories to be made, in it’s new form as a guitar case… and then have it’s remnants used to make another guitar case and a few little tote bags. This then led to my quest of spreading some repurposed blanket love around our state, our nation and then the globe, bringing smiles to the faces of many, the nostalgia, the recycling, the beautiful quality of the weave brought back in to the lime light, there are so many reason’s to love this range… and what it has evolved into, rescuing kangaroo leather & cow hide offcuts and well as duck and chicken feathers… giving each resource a second chance at being appreciated, valued, utilised and treasured!


The very first case made for my eldest son’s 3/4 guitar

After working with kangaroo leather offcuts for many years I have fallen in love with its quality, strength and lightness… so it was only fitting that the first product I introduce in my new WILD HIDE range be created from full kangaroo leather skins, allowing me to create offcuts of my own to feed back into my RESCUED AND REPURPOSED range.

And then there’s the combination of the two, unique one of a kind duffle bags, totes, satchels yoga mat bags & more…

Want a piece of you uniqueness for yourself or to gift to someone else, visit the by marie-nicole Etsy store

To find our about my latest venture, establishing a retail store with integrated artisans workshop and creative co-working space, visit the CREATORS NEST page.


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