Rejuvenation Required

The wanderlust spirit inside of me is stirring… The yearning for another road tripping adventure has been building… It is time to rejuvenate, each member of our little family is feeling it. So in a couple of weeks we will be hitching our vintage van Cécile onto the back of Maxx and hitting the open road, leaving our little piece of paradise, furry, feathered and bristly friends in the care of trusted hands. We really need to reconnect with ourselves and each other, step away from our day to day commitments… and just be!

wanderlust adventures await

But before we go there is much to be done around here. My workbench is covered in rescued and repurposed goodness in the process of being transformed into statement pieces just waiting to be enjoyed by many valued customers. Many new items are also in production some of which will be listed online in the next few days, the rest will make into the store shortly after our return. Temporary Store Closure Dates: Tuesday June 30 – Sunday July 12, 2015 (Australian time) You will be able to share some of our adventure with us through my Instagram and Facebook feeds. Wishing you too some time to rejuvenate… be it in the form of a wanderlust adventure or a little daily ritual, time that you set aside for yourself. This post Meet Yourself Halfway by Sadie Rose via the Bohemian Collective Blog is a beautiful example of doing just that. Live ~ Love ~ Laugh <<= by marie-nicole=>> xx


Gratitude for my supportive Yoga/Pilates mat…

It only struck me recently that my Yoga/Pilates mat has supported me for well over a decade now… a gift from my equally supportive husband.

This mat has protected my spine during many a sessions of yoga/pilates and other fitness classes, it has enabled me to regain strength in my core following birth of both of my beautiful boys, it has cushioned my aching body during the times of healing from the pain of life’s stresses, it has aided the rejuvenation of both my mental and physical state throughout challenging experiences and numerous times of change, it has also been there to ground me during times of sheer excitement and gratitude for all the wonderful experiences life has offered me too… and yet all these years I have given very little thought to just how much this mat has done for me. At the end of a session I would simply roll it up and place it’s string and toggle strap back on, strangling out any positive energy that lay within… I would sling it over my shoulder and wince at the pain the string strap would cause with the weight of the mat cutting into my shoulder.

Rescued & Repurposed Blanket Yoga/Pilates Mat & Classic Style Tote with Kangaroo Leather Features

Rescued & Repurposed Blanket Yoga/Pilates Mat & Classic Style Tote with Kangaroo Leather Features

So after all these years I finally decided to give back to my supportive mat… now snug in its very own repurposed blanket duffle style bag adorned with a comfortable kangaroo leather strap lovingly handcrafted using traditional saddlery stitching techniques and a braided feature that delicately enables the opening of the bag to self close as I lift with the beautiful natural feel of this light weight but very strong leather strap in my hand and place it over my shoulder where it now sits comfortably supporting the weight of the mat without cutting in.


Handcrafted Kangaroo Leather Strap & Feature Braided Closure

I feel my mat is finally being given the thanks it deserves and being supported in return for all the years it has supported me.

<<== by marie-nicole ==>> 


Ps. Yoga/Pilates mat bags will be available as a part of my Repurposed Blanket Range in my Etsy store next week!… so you too can give your mat some loving support in return for it supporting you!

PPs. Also pictured is my Classic Style Tote the perfect accompaniment for a by marie-nicole mat bag. With its linen lining & internal phone and pen pocket, you can carry your throw/towel/cushion and other essentials in a repurposed blanket tote to suit your repurposed blanket mat bag!