The wanderlust spirit inside of me is stirring… The yearning for another road tripping adventure has been building… It is time to rejuvenate, each member of our little family is feeling it. So in a couple of weeks we will be hitching our vintage van Cécile onto the back of Maxx and hitting the open road, leaving our little piece of paradise, furry, feathered and bristly friends in the care of trusted hands. We really need to reconnect with ourselves and each other, step away from our day to day commitments… and just be!

wanderlust adventures await

But before we go there is much to be done around here. My workbench is covered in rescued and repurposed goodness in the process of being transformed into statement pieces just waiting to be enjoyed by many valued customers. Many new items are also in production some of which will be listed online in the next few days, the rest will make into the store shortly after our return. Temporary Store Closure Dates: Tuesday June 30 – Sunday July 12, 2015 (Australian time) You will be able to share some of our adventure with us through my Instagram and Facebook feeds. Wishing you too some time to rejuvenate… be it in the form of a wanderlust adventure or a little daily ritual, time that you set aside for yourself. This post Meet Yourself Halfway by Sadie Rose via the Bohemian Collective Blog is a beautiful example of doing just that. Live ~ Love ~ Laugh <<= by marie-nicole=>> xx


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